bun rieu

bun rieu. Vietnamese crab noodle soup. 


bibimbap at ara Korean cafe. served on a hot stone bowl. food to feed the soul.

salt and pepper chicken

this has turned into my signature dish

trumpet flower

finally after 3 years, she blooms.


my plants are blooming...

I wish my plumeria was blooming too


I wish I had more time to garden. I take that back, I wish I devoted more time to gardening. Watching things grow and bloom is a such a joy. I get giddy when I see the first buds start to appear.
Plumeria tree. Someday it'll bloom for me.
Mini persimmon tree. So pretty and vibrant. 
I was very surprised that these grow and thrive in the the Pacific Northwest. They grow back every year bigger and stronger.
I wish I can grow these year round. Nothing like fresh peppers from the garden.
I'm not sure of what the plant is called, but when they bloom, it's amazing.

The daily grind

Ah...I did say that I would update monthly back in Feburary, but life got busy...by that I mean, I got lazy. I always have these random topics that I want to blog about but then forget to write them.
Summer is finally here. It's beautiful in the PNW, nothing like waking up to beautiful sun, warm weather and still light out even at 9pm. 
Unfortunately, there is a heat wave going on, forcing us Northwesters staying indoors.