Its been 11 years since I started this blog.  How much things have changed in 11 years. I was not going to post anymore but when I scroll back at the previous posts, the memories are wonderful.

Right now so many things have happened.  I live in Dallas now, and hurricane Harvey has wrecked havoc on the Gulf Coast. I am 4 hours away, so I don't feel the impact as much, besides seeing the wreckage on TV and online.  Now there is another hurricane coming towards Florida, hurricane Irma, she is a Cat 5, that has already taken out a small island, Barbuda.  Oregon's Columbia Gorge is on fire, 31,000 acres and counting, started by teenage children lighting fireworks near dry brush, not realizing what is at stake.  India is flooding, Philippines is flooding, Hong Kong has a massive typhoon, Trump is president, bent on destroying what others have built up.

And I lost a good friend and former brother in law...this year has been rough.

bun rieu

bun rieu. Vietnamese crab noodle soup. 


bibimbap at ara Korean cafe. served on a hot stone bowl. food to feed the soul.

salt and pepper chicken

this has turned into my signature dish

trumpet flower

finally after 3 years, she blooms.


my plants are blooming...

I wish my plumeria was blooming too


I wish I had more time to garden. I take that back, I wish I devoted more time to gardening. Watching things grow and bloom is a such a joy. I get giddy when I see the first buds start to appear.
Plumeria tree. Someday it'll bloom for me.
Mini persimmon tree. So pretty and vibrant. 
I was very surprised that these grow and thrive in the the Pacific Northwest. They grow back every year bigger and stronger.
I wish I can grow these year round. Nothing like fresh peppers from the garden.
I'm not sure of what the plant is called, but when they bloom, it's amazing.